Providing initial training for new volunteers and annual refresher training for your existing  volunteers is mandatory in order to meet most insurance standards. Here are some tools (in alphabetical order) that can help assist with training:


OVERVIEW (as per website):

Use K’THUNK to host your very own custom modules! Perfect for training volunteers in:

  • Safe practice procedures
  • Usher and hospitality training
  • Facilities introduction
  • Fire and lockdown drills
  • Summer camp training


  • 35-45 Training Pages
  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • A Handout Page
  • Two Edits
  • One Year of Hosting (includes your own unique login URL and password protected page)
  • A Final Quiz with Up to 10-18 Questions
  • A Choice of Colour Scheme for your Module (maximum 3 colours)


OVERVIEW (as per website):

Plan to Protect® Orientation Training

This training meets insurance requirements.

  • Step 1 in Abuse Prevention Training
  • Learn: types of abuse, abuse recognition, response & reporting, insurance requirements, policies & procedures
  • Available On-Site, Live Webinars, or On-line

Plan to Protect Refresher® Training

This training meets insurance requirements.

  • Annual training to reinforce and update previous Abuse Prevention Training
  • Review: types of abuse, abuse recognition, response & reporting, insurance requirements, policies & procedures
  • Available On-Site, Live Webinars, or On-line

Certification Training Programs

Plan to Protect® Trainer
Plan to Protect® Administrator
Get equipped to train your own team in Abuse Prevention
Become the Plan to Protect® administrator/leader in your organization
Receive helpful training and empowerment materials Learn how to administer, implement, and maintain a strong Abuse Prevention program
Available On-Site and On-line Available On-Site and On-line

Special Interest Webinars

  • Get more training in specific areas
  • Mix and match for your organization’s needs
  • Available On-Site and through Live Webinars

reducing the risk

OVERVIEW (as per website):

Do you know the background of every ministry worker the children at your church encounter? Child sexual abuse is a very real problem in ministries today. The good news is you can protect the precious children of your church and decrease your church’s risk of a costly allegation when you implement a prevention program like Reducing The Risk.

This comprehensive Training DVD includes 10 engaging segments with expert teaching from Richard Hammar and a panel of experts, plus personal testimonies, and how-to scenarios. The video training segments include:

1. Child Protection as the Foundation of Your Ministry
2. A Victim’s Story
3. Sexual Abuse in Faith Communities – An Expert Roundtable
4. Testimony of a Sex Offender
5. Screening & Selection: Your First Line of Defense (with Richard Hammar)
6. Screening & Selection: The Candidate (a short film)
7. Legal Requirements: The Church’s Responsibility to Protect Kids (with Richard Hammar)
8. Supervising Scenarios: What Would You Do?
9. Responding to an Allegation
10. Taking the Next Steps


Disclaimer:  Please note this is not intended to be a complete list of available resources, as there are more options available should you do further research.    This is simply a guide to get you started in your research process.   Simply Safe does not endorse any one particular resource, but leaves it up to each organization to choose which one(s) work best for their environment.